They're the town losers: three no-account good ol' boys with a penchant for hard drinking and an aversion to personal hygiene. Dennis is a washed-up high school athlete who dreamed of going pro. Harley's a bad seed, a belligerent drunk always looking for trouble. And Ernie? Lord love him, but he's just not too bright.

A weekend hunting trip in the remote woods frees the three from society's judging stares—and offers an opportunity to drink around live ammo. Leave it to Harley to screw things up. With one crazed act of drunken bravado, Harley stumbles into a world few know exist, dragging his unwilling buddies with him.

In this new reality, bikers from a bygone era cruise the midnight highways on vintage choppers, and wolves hide behind the illusion of human skin. It's a wild world where strength, aggression, and loyalty to the pack are the only rules. For three of society's unwanted souls, the pack offers a tempting if slightly dysfunctional sense of family. Dennis, Ernie, and even Harley may have finally found their place in the world, but only if they can survive the dangerous foe stalking The Knights of Moonshine available on Amazon.